January Sales- Your must have gaming products!

So, Christmas has came and gone for another year!

You have gorged yourself on food and drink, gifts have been exchanged and I will hazard a guess more than just a few of you gamers out there have money burning a hole in your pockets now.

When is it best to splash this cash? The January sales!

So I thought I would go ahead and share a few of the gaming products I think are the best with you lot!

Now I am pretty sure there were more than a few next gen consoles nestled under our Christmas trees yesterday!

But of course if you are a thrifty kind of person, a new console wasn’t on your xmas list, no, you thought you would wait and hit the sales and save a packet on a new console.

So our first must have gaming product has to be a:

Next gen console.

Whether it is the Xbox One or the PS4 really doesn’t matter. In my opinion go with the console most of your friends will be playing. Because despite all of the pathetic fanboyism towards a certain console or brand, there is no real difference. Even if you do hear the Sony PS4 fans crying out their console is more powerful, unfortunately game developers do not use this excess power as they develop multi-platform games.

So like I say, go with the system that your friends are playing.

Right you have got the console, but what games should you lot be buying?

My top 5 games that are out right now have to be:

1. Middle Earth- Shadow of Mordor.

I had an absolute blast playing this game. I literally lost hours to it, 15 to be precise (I know us students always banging on how we have no time on our hands). It is a mash up of Assassins Creed and the Arkham trilogy. I know right, not bad couple of games to compare to. But the main selling point is it is so much fun! Like an unbelievable amount of fun! Buy it! Now! Thank you!

2. Fifa 15

It is the most realistic football simulation game of all time. Enough said.

3. Grand Theft Auto 5 (Next Gen)

I will hold my hands up and say I was dubious about paying full price for a game I had just played through last year. But since I had finished uni for the Christmas break and Rockstar North (the production team behind GTA) promised a whole host of changes to the game, I thought why not give it a shot. Well I was right to, it is fantastic game. Whether you have already played it or not on the last gen consoles, it is still worth putting a little bit more time into Los Santos.

4. Halo- The Master Chief Collection (Xbox One exclusive)

It is four of the best first person shooters of all time, all boasting an impressive amount of multiplayer maps for the price of one game. If that isn’t case enough to buy it, then I don’t know what is!

4.0. Killzone- Shadowfall (PS4 exclusive)

Showcases the graphical polish of the PS4 and continues Guerrilla studios fine work along side Sony at producing a solid and fun first person shooter experience on the PlayStation. Also a return to form for Guerrilla after the shambles that was Killzone 3.

5. Far Cry 4

One of the most beautifully crafted gaming worlds to date on any console. The story doesn’t quite match the yarn of 2012’s Far Cry 3 but it more than makes up for it with its variety of gameplay and accessibility! Plus it is, as every Far Cry game since FC2 so much fun. There is always something to be doing whilst you are playing, partly due to the map being mind blowingly huge!


No console is complete without accessories. But which ones are actually worth parting with your money over?

A second controller

Just a must have plain and simply, if you are having friends over, the second controller is a god send.

A play and charge kit

Batteries. They pop up every Christmas to put a dampener on the yuletide festivities. But fear them no more with a play and charge kit. Plug your controller in and play until your heart is content.

Apart from those two I would have to say the other accessories out there are just money making gimmicks. Such as the Kinect camera/PlayStation camera which are just very expensive add on’s which offer nothing really to the overall gaming experience. I must say though giving my Xbox voice commands did transport me to the year 3000 for little while- but then the ridiculous install speeds brought me back with a bump to the year 2014.

Make sure you check back to bUZZ in the next few days where I will have a full review of the new Ridley Scott film Exodus: Gods and Kings up. And a whole host of other gaming news!

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and I wish you all the best for 2015.


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