Tunes I have on loop- All things house & tech

Now I know the birth of the ‘lad’ culture has brought out of the woodwork a whole host of “massive house music fans” who in reality couldn’t tell you the difference between Lee Foss and Sven Vath.

Sad I know, people forcing themselves to listen to a genre of music because it is the “in thing”.

But if you like your music a little deeper, but thankfully don’t categorise everything with a bass line as “deep house” you may have come to the right place with this selection of tunes.

Here are the tunes I cannot stop playing at the moment.

Patrick Topping ft Green Velvet- Voicemail

Mr Fuxx- Truth Be Told

Astin- Dejected (Sidney Charles remix)

Deadmau5- Raise Your Weapon (Weiss remix)

Everytime I See You (Volkader remix)

Josh Butler- Sideways Acid

Deetron- Photon (Deetron WP Dub)

Redlight- 9Ts (Louie Anderson Warehouse mix)

Elipse (Toms:Due remix)

So there you have it, the house and tech tunes I cannot get enough of at the moment. I hope you get as much enjoyment out of listening to them as I have had up to so far!

Make sure you check back to bUZZ for more music and all things entertainment!


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