Sia- Elastic Heart music video- Is it a stunning example of contemporary dance or something darker?

I have seen a lot of opinions floating about the internet (no shock there) in the past few days about the music video for artist Sia‘s new song Elastic Heart, mainly siting it as being heavy with imagery of a paedophilic nature.

It depicts well known actor and full time “attention grabber” Shia Labeouf engaging in a caged wrestling match of sorts with a young girl, 12 year old Maddie Ziegler to be precise.

Now, I know in modern society across the world, people are becoming more and more petrified of the archetypal paedophile, the creepy looking fellow who hangs around children’s play areas and the like.

And we look to come down hard on anything that has any connotations towards such dark taboos, and we are right to.

But this music video for me should not be one of the things we condemn to our Room 101 of fears and taboos.

I think, and this is my opinion, and remember nobodies opinions can be wrong, that this is a stunning example of contemporary dance between two consenting artists.

In no way is paedophila referenced, touched upon or engaged in. I highly doubt that Sia or any self respecting music directer would ever set out to create anything of the like, and certainly would not put their name to it, especially since as aforementioned we live in times of weariness and fear of such things.

For me, the problem here lies with the viewer who holds this video in such a light.

I did see well known musician Professor Green take to Twitter to offer similar opinions as myself, that it is in fact the over sensitive nature of the viewer who makes up their mind that this fantastic and edgy music video has any such paedophilia references.

The Guardian also has done a piece calling for us to be wary of “Seeing paedophilia everywhere“.

In times where free speech is becoming ever more quashed, I salute all responsible in the production of this video for having the courage to be so daring and in the end creating something so quintessentially beautiful.

Take a look at the video for yourself if you haven’t already and see what you think, I would also love to hear your opinions in the comment sections below.

Thank you, and remember to check back to bUZZ for more entertainment news.


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