Taken 3- Did someone say cash in?

Taken 3 is a shambles, there I have said it.

The story is all over the shop, the villains make no sense, yeah they aren’t the same ridiculously highly trained street Albanians from the first two, no in this film it is a different set of Russian baddies (with awful taste in tight white underpants).

Now I don’t profess to be an expert on luck, but Liam Neeson’s Brian Mills must be the most unlucky SOB on the planet?

That is the least of Taken 3’s worries though, the 12a rating (PG13) really holds it back.

Some fight scenes look just wrong at times, simply because you can tell they have been edited to tone down the violence and visceral nature of them. Now forgive me if I am wrong but one of the selling points of”>untitled Taken 1, and what made it the cult classic it is today, was the ultra violent nature of the film.

This is a car crash bore fest. For kids. Because of course, we all remember how much we enjoyed tales of violence and revenge when we were 12 and under. No? Me either. It is just a shameless cash in method to widen the audience spectrum.

And another huge gripe for me, where on earth has Dougray Scott turned up from? My first thought when I saw him on screen and then heard his name was “blimey, Stewart has changed a bit from the first one”!

And it is little things like this that make Taken 3 just so awful.

Forest Whitaker plays his typical typecast in there (a Police Detective who is a little quirky- Street Kings, Out of the Furnace etc) and adds very little to the film. A part from of course he is well known Hollywood face and adds a few more $ signs to the affair.

The film also treats the audience like we are very, very stupid.

All text messages are read aloud by the characters, just in case we are struggling to keep tabs on what is going on. Flashback sequences are narrated once again just in case we are having a hard time keeping up with the story (which remember has been tailored to the needs of 12 year olds) and the names of who is on screen during said flashbacks are repeated, you know just to cover the audience if we all suffered momentary blindness at the same time.

The tagline on the film posters is “it ends here” and for the love of God I hope that is a promise. But even that is thrown into doubt with the ambiguous ending.

I will thought give one positive, as to not look so morbidly on the film. The soundtrack is outstanding, the expositional scenes accompanied by the Glass Animals song Toes is a particular stand out moment. Mind you that was the only one.

My advice, save your money and put your trip to the cinema back a few weeks. There are some gems about to hit the big screen- The Gambler, American Sniper and Inherent Vice to name but a few.

But, if you are a big Liam Neeson fan, you also do not have long to wait for your next fix, Run All Night starring the man himself looks very impressive. (Check the @BuzzNewsBlog for the trailer).

Liam Neeson has from day one of this production voiced his own concerns and doubts, well he was right to, he has gotten his payday, it is time to allow Taken to be taken to memory!


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