American Sniper- Sublime

American Sniper is another stint in the directors chair for Clint Eastwood, and my word what a fine job he has done.

The film is based on the late Chris Kyle’s autobiography of the same name, depicting key moments of his life in the military and closer to home.

Bradley Cooper portrays Kyle and from what I have seen in quotes from Kyle’s family he has done an eerily good job of bringing the character to life.

Chris Kyle is credited from the Pentagon with 160 confirmed kills during his four tours in Iraq, making him the deadliest sniper in American military history and a hero to boot.

His fellow Navy Seals nicknamed him the “legend”.

The film is very action heavy, which is not something you would expect from a film that is as heavily nominated at the Academy Awards as this is. But it is not these stellar action scenes that make this film hit such an accordamerican_sniper_still with audiences, but the time we see of the troubled soul in his home life.

Sienna Miller plays Kyle’s wife, and she does it with such feeling, you can genuinely feel the the love she has for Kyle and the turmoil she goes through to keep the foundations from cracking in her marriage.

The film, in my opinion is a little romanticised but of course with film being the art form of escapism Eastwood can be forgiven a little artistic licence.

One thing that I really picked up from my 2 and half hour stint in the cinema was how tense the film is, from the very first shot the entire audience were on absolute tenter hooks!

There is scenes that will bring emotion flooding to the surface, whether that is empathy for Kyle and the horror he has fought through, or sorrow for his long suffering wife and children. And with me being aware of these emotions during the film, it was clear to me this is a stunning and sublime film.

Its opening weekend box office figures speak for themselves, it has smashed the record set by James Cameron’s Avatar. And I couldn’t be more pleased. Films like this, about heroes like Kyle deserve, and should be appreciated by all!

I particularly like the fact Eastwood has pulled no punches with American Sniper, as this would to a degree be an insult to Kyle’s memory.

A word of warning for the faint hearted among you though, there are some ultra violent scenes involving children in there. And as aforementioned, Eastwood has pulled no punches in his direction of them.

Cooper for me deserves the Best Actor Award he is up for at the Academy Awards even though I know in my heart of hearts Eddie Redmayne will receive it after his stunning portrayal of Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything. But I hope this will not detract what a sublime job Cooper has done here.

American Sniper is a stunning biopic of a heroes life that has action, heart and whole lot of soul. There isn’t a false note or a wasted moment. I implore you to see it if you haven’t already!

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