What bUZZ watched this past week!

So another week has begun, all thoughts of entertainment have been placed on the back burner.

Well that simply won’t do for bUZZ, so I thought I would share with you all what I have been watching this past week, in the process maybe give you a few ideas on how to keep yourself entertained!

Well last Monday it was all about Silent Witness. It is programme that gets its hooks right into you on first viewing.

Not always the classic “who dunnit” but the plot lines are so engrossing.Silent_Witness_stars_Emilia_Fox__Richard_Lintern_and_David_Caves_reveal_all_about_the_new_series

We had betrayal, murder (obviously) and this past week incest, I know lovely. But it was a great storyline involving crooked Russian businessman and clever plots to kill. There is also a creepy brother and sister relationship going on. Brilliant.

eotb-630x360Now Tuesday is a tough one for me to admit, but at 10 o’clock I was glued to MTV for the start of the new series of Ex on the Beach.

Cheesy television at its best though isn’t it?

A hock of “beautiful people” thrust together in paradise with a whole host of alcohol. It of course leads to some entertaining tv.

Thursday night was a big one for me. The much hyped Fortitude began on Sky Atlantic.

You could say it was a slow burner, but wow did the story not half pick up racing to a great denouement leaving me craving the next episode.Fortitude-KeyArt-FINAL-16x9-1
Sizzling acting from some well known faces. All the makings of a classic. Its also on demand if you missed it and want to catch up for next week.

I also had a few trips to the cinema (now I will have full reviews up on each of the following films over the next few days but here is a brief over view of them).

Saturday I witnessed the cinematic spectacle that is Inherent Vice.

It is a steam train of colour, language and all things hilarity.

I will warn you now though, do not go into this expecting to come out of the cinema knowing exactly what happened.

There is a start of course, but from there the film takes a crazy pavement approach to story.

There are about 10 different plots flowing along at the same time, so don’t try and follow them, just enjoy them!

The acting is incredible, Joaquin Phoenix is utterly transcendent as the drug addled Doc Sportello.

And finally tonight (I know its not quite last week but I am counting it) Kingsman Secret Service.

After the roller coaster Inherent Vice took my brain on, it was nice to settle down, stick the brain in the jar sort of speak and enjoy a silly, immature joy ride that is Kingsman.

The story is ridiculous, the action is constant and it is just so much fun. And sometimes, that’s just what you need.

Remember to check back to bUZZ for all your entertainment needs!


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