Dying Light- My first impressions

Dying Light, the new zombie IP from the studio who brought you the stellar Dead Island series, but is this one worth your time and more importantly money!

Well yes, but that doesn’t mean it comes without its faults.

I’m about 4 hours into the campaign and I can honestly say, the story is paper thin.

You play a stereotypical agent, gruff voice, very particular set of skills that you will slowly master. His name, Kyle Crane, his mission, well I’m not sure.

I know it revolves around stopping a crazed Warlord from unleashing a deadly virus on the world, and believe me, it’s as cliched as it sounds.

But, I know I didn’t come to Dying Light for the Hollywood melodrama, no, I came to inventively, hack, slash and pummel some zombies.

And my word does Dying Light feed that addiction!

I have smashed a zombie in the head with a wrench, dropped kicked one from a roof and grappled another into some devilishly placed spikes. All sadistic, but oh what sick fun it is!untitled

Another outstanding feat Techland have pulled off with Dying Light is the day & night cycle.

Never have I felt terror like I did when some sooped up zombies chased me through the apocalypse stricken city during the night, forcing me to make a mad dash to the nearest safe house, flicking on UAV light traps as a hauled a**!

And that is what is so brilliant, these particular zombies only come out at night, so despite the dullard zombies that inhabit the day in Harran (the fictional Turkish city where the game is set) being cannon fodder, you are always fearful of the setting sun, never straying too far from the nearest safe house.

The levelling system is good, generous XP is rewarded for doing anything from helping a survivor in need to leaping from one favela roof top to another.

Crafting pops up as well, making the whole thing feel very Far Cry like, but hey, that’s a great game with great ideas, so it’s good to see them implemented well in another.

Up to so far I’m having an absolute blast with Dying Light.

I’m enjoying the character development in an otherwise poor story which makes up for that.

I am absolutely loving all things killing zombies and I am really enjoying the sense of the old style survival horror game being rejuvenated by Techland.

I am genuinely excited to venture further into Harran, so my first impressions of Dying Light, amazing!

Check back to bUZZ for a full Dying Light review in the coming weeks!

*For those wondering, Dying Light is not on general release yet, it will be released in stores on February 27th. It is however available to download on the Xbox store/PSN store.


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