What bUZZ bought- Books

I consider myself a vivacious reader, if I haven’t got a book in my hand I’m perusing the Internet and book shops alike for my next read.

But what new novels have I picked up recently?

Well I will tell you, after all that’s why you have found yourself on this article I presume!

Do bear in mind, I haven’t read these books yet, no they are currently taking pride of place on my ever growing to read shelf. All readers have them!

First up, I decided to feed my new found cravings for all things supernatural and bought The Strings of Murder by Oscar De Muriel.untitled

It’s set in Edinburgh 1888, and follows the adventures of Inspector Ian Frey as he deals with a murder case that has all to many unsettling supernatural connotations.

Jack the Ripper history fans, the man himself gets more than few mentions on the blurb, may be something in there to cleanse your pallets as well.

Overall I’m quite excited to get the book started!

Next up, I bought The Farm by Tom Rob Smith.

After devouring Smith’s novel Child 44 and also seeing that it is to be adapted into a film starring Tom Hardy making Smith very chic at the moment I couldn’t resist picking up The Farm.untitled

Plus it was recommended by the readers of Good Housekeeping and who am I to deny the housewives of Britain?

The plot though sounds truly riveting.

A mother pleading with her son to listen to her story of danger and betrayal. A father telling the very same son that his mother is mentally ill and not to be trusted.

Posing the question, who do we trust the most, our mother? Or our father?

Another from my to read shelf I’m extremely excited about getting my teeth into.

The Son, by Jo Nesbo.

You can’t really go wrong with Nesbo I have found. If you want crime, violence and interesting fleshed out characters then he is your man.untitled

The Son follows Sonny, a convict and heroin addict. He listens to other convicts sins and absolves them of their guilt, until one day Sonny hears a tale that sets him in motion on a path of vengeance.

The story has received rave reviews (as always for a Nesbo novel) and it really has been a book that has been on my radar for a number of months, so when I saw it onĀ Amazon so cheap (paperback edition) I just had to snap it up!

Another that, you guessed it, I’m excited to read!

And last but certainly not least, The Martian by Andy Weir.

A Cast Away Tom Hanks story of sorts set on the red planet, Mars.untitled

The story follows an astronaut stranded on Mars, he has very few supplies, and any breath could well be his last.

The description promises humour and a riveting story that we will keep me glued to the novel! Here’s hoping!

So there you have it, that is what bUZZ bought when it comes to books!

And remember, check back to bUZZ for all your entertainment needs!


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