Upcoming films on the bUZZ radar!

Hello there you wonderful readership.

I must start this post with an apology, for I am sorry the blog has not been more active over the past few weeks. Unfortunately other commitments caught up with me and I had less time to do what I love, and that is bring you lot all of your entertainment news.

But less of that, I have stole a few minutes to get the show on the road again.

For even though my mind has been elsewhere for awhile it doesn’t mean bUZZ was far from my thinking, oh no.

I am a self confessed cinephile (please look that word up, lets not confuse ourselves) and am forever perusing the web to see what films tickle my fancy and where I will be escaping for a few hours! And what is film without sharing what ones we are really excited about?

And since I put so much time into looking for them, why should you have to, so I will of course compile a list of upcoming films at the cinema that are really beeping on bUZZ’s radar.

Hope some of them catch your eye just as much as they did mine!

First up ‘The Man from U.N.C.L.E’ the new Guy Ritchie flic, starring the Man of Steel himself Henry Cavil and also The Lone Ranger Armie Hammer. Looks like great fun, a cheeky action romp, something Ritchie really knows what he is doing with!

Next on the list, ‘Aloha’. This film just looks a delight. It is by the same director behind Jerry McGuire (SHHHHOOOWW MEEEE THEEE MOOONNEEEY) and has an all star cast lead by the man of the moment Bradley Cooper. It has a real feel goof factor to it and that is only from the trailer. Looking forward to this one!

The Gunman. Same director as Taken. Sean Penn, Idris Elba & Javier Bardem duke it out in an espionage action flic. That is all I am going to say. That is all I should need to say. Really excited for this one!

Child 44. Outstanding novel. Tom Hardy & Gary Oldman outstanding actors. Daniel Espinosa…becoming an outstanding director. All of these factors have bUZZ buzzing with excitement for this one. Shaping up to be one of the big films of 2015.

Another Tom Hardy film make the list, but it can’t be helped, the man does not stop making gloriously good films! And MAd Max: Fury Road would appear to be no exception. The trailer speaks for itself. It looks big, action packed and all out bloody good fun! I am very, very excited about this one!


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