Games that are on the bUZZ radar!

As the avid readers of bUZZ will know by now, I am a big gamer!

I wouldn’t call myself a real competitive gamer though, no, I just enjoy picking up the controller and escaping for a few hours in the magical world of gaming.

I enjoy a real plethora when it comes to game genres.

I am a huge lover of career mode on Fifa, I will pick up anything shooter related and just recently I have found a new love for survival horror games.

I played through The Evil Within back in October and was really blown away by how much I enjoyed my time with it.

With 2015 well under way now I got to thinking what titles are going to surprise me this year. Which ones am I most looking forward to! And also which ones I am weary of getting caught up in the hype over!

So without further ado here are some of the games I truly cannot wait to get my hands on!

First up Borderlands: The Handsome Collection. I remember playing through the first Borderlands way back in the early days of owning my Xbox 360 and absolutely loving it!imagesYJLJNP4Y

And for reasons unbeknown to myself even, I never actually picked up Borderlands 2 and by the time the Pre Sequel dropped last year I was already moved on to next gen gaming.

So when I heard the Handsome Collection was coming to next gen, I was obviously just a little bit excited!

Now I know a different studio is behind Borderlands 2 and the Pre Sequel that were responsible for the first game but I am sure after looking at some gameplay and listening to some trusted previews I am going to love the Handsome Collection.

Plus I am really hoping Borderlands is going to scratch the itch Destiny left me with. Did somebody mention that hype train?

Now for a game I am sort of excited for, but at the same time have some real trepidations over!

Resident Evil Revelations 2. I want to be excited about it, I really do.

I will hold my hands up and admit I am not the biggest Resident Evil buff, I have only played through one of the titles, Resident Evil 5, which is one of my favourite games of all time I hasten to add!untitled

But with Revelations I see the gameplay and I am like “yeah looks solid, but I am not sure how long it is going to keep my interest though” then I remember how much I enjoyed The Evil Within, a game which is incredibly similar and I start to lean towards placing my pre order.

But what stops me most of the time is not any fault of the game, but rather the game release calendar which looks set to be cruel on us gamers and our wallets in the coming weeks.

Revelations drops the same day as Battlefield Hardline and just a mere week before The Handsome Collection and Bloodborne! All steep competition that I feel it can’t stack up against in my opinion.

Still a game I will probably pick up in the sales though.

Now for the aforementioned Bloodborne. This game is beeping so hard on the bUZZ radar it is keeping me up at night!

But like Revelations, I have my worries!bloodborne

I know it is by the same guy who brought us the wonderful Demon Souls and after that the fantastic Dark Souls series. Yes I know the graphics look mind blowing and yes I know it is practically Dark Souls with guns.

But I can’t stop having my doubts about how much fun this game will be. Will it become like my Dark Souls 2 experience and get too grindy and bogged down in the world of being no fun? Or will it be a little bit more accessible?

Time will tell I suppose, for now I am excited!

And last but certainly not least, the big daddy, The Witcher 3.

I have been excited for this game from the moment it was announced!the witcher 3

A huge open world, beasts to hunt, magic to utilise and becoming lost in the world of the Witcher! What more could a gamer want?

The early gameplay looks solid, the story looks brilliant and the games aesthetics look second to none. An instant pre order for me. I for one know exactly what I will be doing May 19th.

I hope this article has got you as excited as myself to fire up the consoles over the coming weeks and months, and remember to check back to bUZZ entertainment for all of your gaming and entertainment news!


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