House Party bangers- House & Tech tunes to get any house party moving!

House and tech music would appear to be taking over the world right now!

Everybody and their mothers is getting down to a Route 94 groove or a Martin Buttrich techno slammer!

And I think its marvellous, what with myself being a massive dance music fan being able to hear some house grooves on the chart radio whilst in the car is tremendous, saves me having to stick a CD on doesn’t it?

But what tunes do I feel really ramp up a house party?

You know when the responsibility of the aux cable weighs heavy on your shoulders, you want to be the man (or woman) that breaths some fire from the speakers!

So to help you out, here is bUZZ’s definitive list of house and tech bangers!

First up is the new EP from Joe Maker and Hoowell- Vafangroove. These two tunes are absolute weapons.

For the more house orientated among you, try David Zowies House every weekend on for size. I dare you not to dance!

I have recently discovered this next fellow, and my word where has his music been all my life.

Rhadow! Here is his remix of Roberto Palmero’s The Fun. Big tune!

Sticking with Roberto Palmero here is his hypnotic tune This No.

Another tech slammer now from Mihai Popoviciu- Call Me. Perfect for that winding down stage when everybody is bushed and buzzing!

Another banger from the man Rhadow. Faded is another tune I dare you not to tap a toe to!

And last but not least, Martin Buttrich’s stunning remix of Yooj’s Mademoiselle.

Remember, if house and tech music is your thing remember to check back to bUZZ for all of your musical needs.


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