Bloodborne- Day 1

So its finally here, the spiritual follow on to From Software’s amazing Souls series, Bloodborne. And once again prepare to die, time and time again.

Now as I am sure any die hard Souls fans will know, trying to put together a review of the game just a few days after release is nonsensical. The game is too long and has far too many hidden facets to it to even begin to believe you have completed enough of it to tell fans truly just how good it is.

So I thought what is the next best thing fro bUZZ to do. And what did I come up with? A day to day progress report of how I am getting on.

So here goes. Bloodborne is installed, my Dualshock 4 awaits the torture I am about to inflict on it. Lets get this thing started.

Day 1

After some pretty basic customisation of my character, you know the usual, name, hair style, colour untitledand  bearded or non bearded, I was ready to receive the blood transfusion from a creepy looking pirate guy (that is honestly the best way I can describe him, sorry) and after some unsettling cutscenes, I was ready to go.

My character awakens on an operating table of sorts. I am struck by just how stunning the games visuals are, after all the Souls games were particularly ugly ducklings.

After creeping round a seemingly abandoned house I stumble upon a huge wolf like creature chewing on the remains of my pirate friend.

It has half health, I may have no weapons but I am feeling fierce. I lock on, after a few well aimed punches I have it on the ropes, I am dodging and weaving, getting a feel for the Souls movement style again. Then BANG! He leaps at me and the dreaded ‘You Died’ crawls across my screen in red letters.

I won’t be seeing the last of that I feel.

My character awakens in the Hunters Dream, the hub much similar to the Nexus from the Demon Souls. Here I find a doll. A bird bath with weird looking creatures crawling from it and two locked doors.

On the stairs I notice what looks like weapons sticking out from the ground. I approach them and find they are gifts from the ‘messengers’ (the creatures) I select the Threaded Cane and the Blunderbuss hunters rifle.

After praying at a tombstone I return to the house where I died. This time with weapons and revenge on my mind. I quickly find the beast that slayed me and show him the thick end of my cane.

I quickly dispatch him and retrieve my blood echos (Souls effectively, Bloodborne’s currency) onwards and upwards.

I leave the house and find two gates, one locked the other leading me out into Central Yarnham. Bloodborne begins! The hunt is on!

I stumble upon three unsuspecting enemies and with dodging I dispatch them with ease. Bloodborne really does reward a much more aggressive style of play, especially with the introduction of the regain system (you can gain back some of your health when trading blows with an enemy).

I find some ladders and quickly ascend to the horrors that await me up top. I fight my way through another throng of enemies, noticing again I am not really taking any damage, strange as by this point in Dark Souls 2 I had nearly smashed my controller and gave up.

Now though I am in for a real challenge, a mass of enemies gathered around a fire worshipping. But with some clever strategy drawing them away one at a time I get through unscathed again. And I am starting to build up quite a collection of blood viles (health).

I continue on and find a hulking mummy (again the best way I can describe them) and dispatch him with a couple of moltov cocktails. I am feeling very confident now, an hour in, zero deaths. 3,825 blood echoes.

I now hit the bridge where the dreaded demon dogs that have been causing so much strife for others reside, and again I get past them with relative ease (6 moltov cocktails). I find a way into the house they are guarding and open the second gate from the beginning, now giving me a straight run at the bridge avoiding all of the enemies before that.

I now make my way across the bridge and I have an inkling what is coming. A boss battle. And low and behold the Cleric Beast leaps over the wall in front of me.untitled

I manage to get it down to half health and I am feeling confident, then in typical From fashion it smashes me out of nowhere as I am trying to heal.

‘You died’.

I return to the hunters dream exhilarated, exhausted and giddy in only the way a From Software game can do to you.

I will be seeing the Cleric Beast tomorrow!

Check back to bUZZ for day 2 of my Bloodborne play through and all of your other entertainment news!


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