Mad Max: Fury Road- review

Mad Max is a cinematic spectacle full of visionary delights you would be more than MAD for missing out on seeing at the cinema!

The film starts high octane and just does not let up for the 2 hour duration. It is a truly relentless bit of film making by the mastermind George Miller.

The cinematography is superb, the acting is sublime and the stunts are that good I have ran out of praise to heap on them!

From the grotesque mutant type humans that inhabit the world to the world itself, everything keeps you captivated on the screen. And by the final incredible chase sequence you will be soaked to the bone in sweat and left with a sore jaw as it will be aghast the entire film.

However if you are coming to floor expecting Oscar worthy plotlines and acting also worthy of the academy then you will leave disappointed. If you are coming for larger than life action and gruff freakish villains, you are in for a treat indeed.

Yes Fury Roads story is as paper thin as the script it was wrote on.

Mad-Max-with-Five-Wives-Total-FilmA freakishly ugly warlord, Immortin Joe has taken control of the wasteland that is now home for the apocalypse survivors. And with this control he has taken it upon himself to take hostage five incredibly beautiful women to be his wives, The Wives to be precise. Why? To give him perfect baby boys to carry on his freakish ways!

He does of course have two sons already, one a disabled chair ridden dwarf, the other an oaf who is particularly poor shot with a particularly large machine gun.

These beauties include Zoe Kraviz and Rosie Huntington-Whitley giving a sterling performance after being a horrendously underused extra in the third Bayathon.

Furyosia, portrayed by a steely Charlize Theron steals these five women away from Joe with a promise to take them to ‘the Green Place’ of her birth. A chase ensues and there you have it. Fury Roads story.mad-max-fury-road-tom-hardy-charlize-theron

Rubbish I hear you cry! But never fear, Miller has tossed out the traditional style of film making and adopted a crazy pavement style to doing things. And my word does it not half work! Fury Road is brilliant.

Tom Hardy is stunning as Max. He is big, tough and sports a sub par Australian accent but it is ok because he makes things explode really well and that’s all that matters in Fury Road.

The action, the stunts, the cinematography it all leads to a visual feast that is just so watchable!

I implore you to watch it, just to feast on all of the juicy action goodness it has to offer.

The future truly does belong to the mad!

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