Summer at the cinema!

So summer is well and truly under way, the kids are off, the sun is (hopefully) shining and cinema prepares for its busiest time of the year!

As I’m sure most cinephiles out there know, summer at the cinema means one thing! Blockbuster after blockbuster.

And bUZZ has seen the biggest majority of these silver screen delights! I know hard work but somebody has got to do it right?

But what has stood out for me? And what for stunk, for want of a better word.

Well I have to be honest, nothing has really failed to capture my imagination this summer.

 I, like most others, was blown away by the cinematic spectacle that is Jurassic World, I went truly mad for Fury Road and it wasn’t a mission too impossible to fall in love with Rouge Nation.

If you have been a regular reader of bUZZ you will know by now we enjoy a good list. So why buck this trend now, here is my top 5 trips to the cinema this summer!

1. Southpaw

I loved this film. I went into it asouthpaw-poster-jake-gyllenhaal big Gyllenhall fan, I came out of it positively a fan girl! He is superb! He brings Billy Hope to life with such visceral beauty it is hard not to be whisked away with his harrowing story of revenge, love and triumph.

The film of the summer if not 2015! Antoine Fuqua really has made a triumphant step back to the good old days of stellar film making after a few too many sub-par (but still enjoyable) action romps. Another Training Day indeed!

The casting is also brilliant, Rachel McAdams plays Billy’s suffering wife, confidante and rock splendidly and I cannot heap enough praise on the performance of Oona Lawrence who is truly magnificent as Hope’s young daughter, Leila.

2. Jurassic World

Its big, brash, silly and damnJurassic_World_Teaser_Poster right entertaining!

I didn’t know where to look as there was that much spectacle on the screen at one time in Jurassic World.

There were subtle nods to the original trilogy, there was larger than life action sequences, Chris Pratt and genetically modified dinosaurs.

What- I repeat what is there not to love?

Jurassic World was not the largest grossing film of the summer by chance!

Chris Pratt is a show stealer once again just as he did with last year with Guardians of the Galaxy!

3. Mission Impossible: Rouge Nation

I will hold my hands up and admitMV5BMTQ1NDI2MzU2MF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNTExNTU5NDE@__V1_SX640_SY720_ it, I’ve struggled to enjoy previous titles in the MI franchise. But this fifth instalment blew my socks off!

Right from the beginning watching Ethan Hunt go for a ride on the side of an airborne aircraft I was drawn into the huge spectacle that is Rouge Nation.

The stunts are jaw dropping, the acting is silly but it works, there is great humour and there is for me- one the best car chases (well car and bikes, lots of bikes) in cinematic history, move over Bullit and Ronin.

I loved it, no other words needed.

4. San Andreas

Dwayne Johnson finally freesSan-Andreas-Poster-3 himself from the shackles of his alter ego here. We see him put in a serious and warm performance.

San Andreas is a film you have to see at the cinema to believe how huge it is! Not quite as huge as the leading man, but still pretty big.

The San Andreas fault line goes and hell of biblical proportions breaks loose. Bust out the popcorn sit back and enjoy!

Massive special effects, some good old ‘Merica over the topness and some muscle bound heroism all lead to the perfect summer blockbuster.

San Andreas is summer at the cinema!

5. Ted 2

Yes it isn’t as funny as the ted_2_movie_poster_2original, but still pretty funny.

I enjoyed Ted 2 even though all the way through I kept thinking “this isn’t as funny as the first one, shame”. But I think I went into it knowing it wouldn’t be. Which in turn, made me nearly wet myself at some of the more side splitting sequences.

But I hope this is where Seth and Mark leave their adventures, for now anyway.

Taken on face value though, Ted 2 is hilarious, just go into it expecting to be disappointed in a weird kind of way.

Anyway that’s it from bUZZ for now, remember to check back to us soon!




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