About bUZZ Entertaiment

Hi there.

My name is Chris Young and I am a current Journalism student at Teesside University in the North East of England.

I am setting this blog up because frankly, I am bored of all the rubbish the “BIG” entertainment websites out there fill us with!

Without naming names, I find looking for a film to see, a book to read or a tune to whack on that I know I will like- a stupidly hard task- Why? Because I can’t find a trustworthy source of information on the web who knows my wants and neeeds when it comes to being entertained.


On bUZZ Entertainment I will aim to fill this space with nothing but useful entertainment news and reviews all relevent to the demographic I am part of (18-30)

Whether it is the latest blockbuster at the cinema, the hottest new music or a top new page turner I have got my teeth into, you can be sure I will have a review up telling you all about it!

I will aim to post at least once a week (promise).

And I have to say, I would love for you to stick around for the ride!

Follow us on Twitter @bUZZNewsBlog 

Find us on Facebook at BUZZ Entertainment News


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